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Business Consulting


We support our clients in successfully translating business strategies into new organizational designs,
optimized business processes and enterprise-wide technology solutions. Our approach is based on
taking the business context of our clients as the starting point for every engagement.
We then add our significant industry perspective and outside-in thinking to the process.

Organization Design

Assess organizational strengths and weaknesses, align on design principles, and shape your organization to match your strategic priorities. 

1. Organization Modelling
2. Customer Experience
3. Reports, Metrics & Business Planning

Improve in both business performance and employee engagement. 

Sales & Marketing

Our sales and marketing consulting practice will help you develop and execute your business strategy to grow faster than the market with our collection of actionable service offerings.

1. Product Positioning & Commercialization
2. Sales & Channel Acceleration
3. Brand Transformation

Leadership & Talent

We have the best digital tools, a strong sourcing network, widespread recruitment channels, high-tech OEM/ISV penetration, and alliances with institutions - at the hands of extraordinary talent sourcing specialists. 

1. Managed Services for Recruitment
2. Recruitment Process Outsourcing
3. Leadership Hiring

Yitro Global

With a seasoned team that has catered to the world's top Networking, Telecom & Application development captives, and OEMs in setting up their key teams in India and other locations, we will be a strong extended, embedded COE for all your offshoring needs.


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