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Leverage your business plans by connecting to the Right Talent.

Leverage your business plans by connecting to the Right Talent.

The constant rise of business challenges has conferred a quiver full of brand-new Talent, HR, and organizational priorities. Yitro Global offers to help you leverage your business plan by placing the right people in place to propel your business and remain successful.


HRO Benefits you can enjoy by choosing our Services:

Expertise: Our dedicated HR professionals bring extensive knowledge and experience to handle complex HR matters efficiently and effectively.

Scalability: Our scalable services allow you to adjust your HR support as your business grows and evolves.

Compliance and Risk Management: We stay up-to-date with legal requirements, helping you navigate complex employment laws and minimizing compliance risks.

Focus on Core Operations: By outsourcing your HR processes, you can focus your time and resources on strategic initiatives and core business functions.

Cost Savings: Outsourcing your HR functions can help reduce overhead costs associated with maintaining an in-house HR department.

Hire to Retire Services



• Sourcing and screening candidates
• Interview scheduling and coordination
• Onboarding support


Employee Benefit Administration

• Management of health insurance and other employee benefits
• Benefits enrollment and administration
• Coordination with insurance providers
• Coordination of wellness activities and corporate benefits
• MIS reporting on benefit utilization


Payroll Administration

• Salary calculation and processing
• Tax calculations and deductions
• Compliance with local tax regulations


HR Helpdesk and Support

• Responding to employee queries
• Handling HR-related inquiries
• Providing support on HR policies and procedures


Employee Onboarding

• Document verification and collection
• Orientation and training coordination
• Issuance of employee ID cards, email accounts, etc.


Employee Off-boarding

• Exit interviews
• Benefits termination
• Return of company assets


Performance Management

• Follow-up with Managers to collate appraisal ratings
• Coordination of performance review processes
• Daily MIS to management on performance review completion


Learning and Development

• Coordination of training programs
• Weekly, Monthly L&D MIS for the management
• Monitoring and reporting on training effectiveness


Workforce Planning

• Analyzing staffing needs
• Resource utilization reports
• Talent mobility reports

HR Tech and Reporting

  • HR Tech and Systems

    • Leveraging current top technologies to streamline HR processes.
    • Optimize HR information systems and any other digital tools by automating tasks, enhancing data accuracy.
    • HR technology gets tailored to your specific needs and is integrated seamlessly with your existing systems

  • Home grown Business Intelligence platform

    • Complete reporting of all HR functions
    • Reactive dashboard with option to view historic forecasted data eliminated the need for MIS
    • Single page view for all dashboards that you need with live updates.

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Yitro Global

With a seasoned team that has catered to the world's top Networking, Telecom & Application development captives, and OEMs in setting up their key teams in India and other locations, we will be a strong extended, embedded COE for all your offshoring needs.


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