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Infrastructure Management

Our Red Team Assessment employs realistic attack scenarios to test your response capabilities. In today’s hyperconnected world with in-numerous applications and their respective zero days, massive security solution expenditures may not guarantee flawless security.

Cloud Services

Cloud is the foundation of your digital enterprise. Cloud solutions help achieve operational efficiency, leading to innovation opportunities and enhanced customer experiences.
Cloud solutions are the fastest and most effective way to innovate and run your business today. Respond and adapt immediately to changes in your industry with real-time reporting and customized, buyer-focused user experiences.

At Yitro, we help you build and utilize this digital backbone to achieve your business goals faster and at scale.

Yitro’s industry expertise and experience across industry verticals make us the trusted partner to drive and deliver results specifically in the cloud.

Every organization must consider making their IT processes cloud-ready today to reap the full benefits of a lean infra and asset-light. Our competence in this area helped our clients build and scale their infra as and when needed with complete control over their business process and underlying data.
Your agile IT infrastructure can allow you to scale and adapt to changing needs while keeping it secure.
Our Cloud Services accelerate the move from traditional work environments to modern workplaces.

Our services in cloud includes:
- Cloud Setup
- Cloud Optimization and Monitoring
- Cloud Migration
- Cloud Security

Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Yitro’s Network Operations Center (NOC) services provides a central location from which your entire IT infrastructure – including endpoints, servers, wireless, data centre, applications and more – is monitored and managed, with trained engineers and technicians who make decisions continually to ensure optimal network performance, server and application health to ensure organizational productivity. Yitro’s NOC services ensures your organisation focus on critical business initiatives that drive your business forward.

Yitro’s highly skilled technical team monitors your network around the clock. Our associates are trained to monitor and review events and incidents that could make any network fail. They are experienced in hierarchically providing quality technical support, to ensure that everything is supported promptly and proficiently.

Our NOC engineers and technicians monitor infrastructure health, security and capacity in a client's environment. They make decisions and adjustments to ensure optimal network performance and organizational productivity.

Yitro Network Operations Centers (NOCs) provide 24x7 management and control of a network’s infrastructure environment. NOC technicians continually monitor network system performance and work to identify and resolve issues to ensure optimal and uninterrupted service. Large-scale video wall installations are critical for providing a big-picture view of a network ecosystem.

Our specialisations:

- Designed for 24/7 Network Monitoring
- Maximize Uptime And Performance
- Display Any Source On Any Screen
- Collaborate In And Out Of Your Control Room
- Benefits of engaging Yitro to manage NOC Services:
- Reduced cost of operation
- Complete technical support
- Comprehensive links to intelligence sources and networks
- 24/7 intelligence monitoring
- Business continuity capability
- Helpdesk support

Data Center

Yitro is a global provider of data center services and solutions. Our expertise draws on years of innovation, customer satisfaction and service excellence in the OEM and data center industry.

Our Data Centre Service Expertise Includes:

- Data Centre Setup
- Data Centre Maintenance & Monitoring

Data Centre Setup:

Yitro helps eliminate the guesswork of future-ready data center planning. By removing the barriers that have inhibited IT to date, next-generation data center plan provides a simpler, more adaptive infrastructur capable of responding to disruptive changes, integrating legacy and new architectures into a single, manageable ecosystem.

Yitro’s maintenance plan includes the following:

- Business Continuity
- Disaster-resistant
- High availability
- Service stability
- Operation and Monitoring

Yitro Global

With a seasoned team that has catered to the world's top Networking, Telecom & Application development captives, and OEMs in setting up their key teams in India and other locations, we will be a strong extended, embedded COE for all your offshoring needs.


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