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End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management Services

Operating a healthcare organization is becoming complex with every passing year. Components like New regulations, coding updates, changing payer rules, performance measures etc significantly affects reimbursement. ‘Medical Billing Service Review’ reports that healthcare organizations lose $125 billion every year on average because of medical billing claims that insurance companies deny. Partnering with an experienced medical billing provider simplifies your administrative process optimizes the revenue flow.

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Claims are piling up but revenue isn’t
A sure sign that an organization will not be collecting all of the revenue it’s due because of timely filing rules. 

If bank deposit slips are the only metrics or analytics for the billing
We ideally should have stage wise data and predictive analytics in each stage.

If there isn’t enough time in the day to work on denied claims or follow up on rejections
If revenue cycle demands keep pushing to next day, the practice needs to evaluate if existing workflows can be improved, the organization is understaffed, or the needed billing and coding expertise is missing. 

In simple words, taking care of patients should be the No.1 priority of the practice. We work with you from the patient registration and continues through until claims are paid

• Patient Demographic Entry
• Scheduling & Pre-registration
• Eligibility & Benefit Verification
• Pre-authorization
• Medical Coding
• Charge Entry
• Claims Transmission & Edits
• Payment Posting & Correspondence
• Account Receivable & Denial Management

Why Yitro RCM

Our team will be an extension of yours – dedicated to the bottom line

• Eliminate your most time-consuming tasks
• Reduce administrative burdens
• Optimize efficiency and profitability
• 10-30% increase in Cash Collection
• Functioning RCM process for the group having 305 providers
• More than 15 Million in Charges Billed per Month
• 95% average clean claim rate
• 95% accuracy constantly maintained in quality
• 20% Improvement days in A/R
• 30% Improvement in self-pay collections
• 12% claims in 180+ days in the A/R outstanding

From insurance eligibility to working denials to reporting on revenue improvements, our medical billing services handle what you need.

Yitro Global.

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Revenue Cycle Management is paramount for Healthcare Providers to remain successful. Our expert RCM team aids in managing the cycle by coordinating with your patients and insurance providers. We help you to avoid bulk denials while driving favourable revenue with our tangible actions. The perennial issues are addressed, thereby boosting the efficiency of your revenue cycle.

Our experienced RCM team adeptly works to offer you a streamlined revenue cycle process and relieves you from focusing on your medical practices. Our seamless and automated workflows simplify scheduling, bill verification, follow-ups, and the raising of claims. We aid in the on-the-dot collection of payments, thereby optimizing your financial health.


Compared to the large providers, the Small practices of all specialties have much to gain when partnering with a billing service. Not having access to appropriate technology (or training on the existing technology), lack of knowledge around the latest medical billing rules and regulations make it difficult for smaller practices.

Many smaller practices does not enough resource to effectively manage all aspects of the practice. By outsourcing the billing and collections efforts, the practice can have their resources focus on what matters most- the patients. Partnering with an experienced biller who can act as a one-stop-shop for managing all aspects of medical billing makes more sense.


We extend proper round-the-clock support for our offshore partners with their revenue cycle Management. Our expert team assists you and your staff in seamlessly handling the day-to-day complex services of RCM. We use statistical analysis and provide you with insights.

We ensure to build interfaces regularly for importing the data from the healthcare centres. We considerably reduce the manual labour as we fast-track the data flow using Electronic Health Records (EHR). This helps to minimize the staff overheads and allows them to be focused on performing other critical medical services.

We make it easy for you to efficiently deal with the tedious RCM services from scheduling until account closure. We aid in increasing your efficiency while reducing costs with our streamlined workflow.


Optimizing the RCM services is essential to deliver value-based care. Covering the complex steps involved in an RCM can be tedious and straining to your resources. Especially to have an account for compliance and with constantly changing rules and regulations which govern the healthcare industry, managing the revenue cycle can become a daunting task. And when your organization's bandwidth increases, there is an immediate increase in workflows, seemingly affecting your available resources, thereby straining the revenue.

At this point, we are happy to help, serving you as an extended arm to maintain and manage your RCM services to enjoy a healthy revenue cycle and thrive in your business. With our advanced technology and software, our experienced and professional team assists you in handling the demanding administrative work, medical billing and coding, and related tasks efficiently. This way, your staff get relieved to perform the patient-centered quality care and focus on value-adding services.

We gladly act as an extended arm and optimize the RCM so that your organization is primarily patient-focused and helps you remain successful.

Yitro Global

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